Synable = Synergistically Able

Like it or not, we all work in teams. It could be in family, social, workplace, or any group settings, we work with people of various backgrounds. In fact it has been said that just three is already a company. When you have three or more people gathered to achieve a common goal, you have a team.

It can happen anytime and anywhere!

Yet seldom do it. Why do we have so few teambuilding initiatives going on? I suspect this is due to the misconception that teambuilding can only happen in a big outing, at a faraway exotic location which consumes much time and resources. Just because your team doesn’t have the time or budget to embark on a full scale teambuilding program doesn’t mean you have to abandon the idea of teambuilding.

It does not have to be this way!

Teambuilding can happen anywhere and anytime, with a some planning and preparation of course. My aim is to show you that anyone (with the right motivation and mindset) can be a teambuilder and your teambuilding can happen anywhere and anytime you want. I have categorized the teambulding games listed on this site to three different settings requirements:

  1. Meeting Room – Don’t have to go anywhere. Any room with enough space to sit would do.
  2. Open Space – Get out for some fresh air. A field would be nice. Otherwise a carpark lot would suffice.
  3. Go Outdoors – Back to the nature as playing ground. Adventure elements desired.

As you can see, teambuilding can happen anywhere, as long as you know your objective and prepare for it.


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