Game – Where am I?

About | This ice breaker game promotes interactions among participants before you move them on to more serious matters on the agenda

Goal | Break the ice, at the same time illustrate the importance of effective communication

Emphasis | Ice Breaker, Communication

Items | 3 x 5 index card, double sided tape

Size | 6 or more

Setting | Meeting Room

Time | 20 minutes

Instructions |

  1. Before the meeting, prepare 3 x 5 index cards with names of famous city. Include easy ones (Paris, London, Tokyo, Rome) as well as some harder ones (Dublin, Helsinki, Manila, Belgrade).
  2. Have all the participants to stand up and have their backs facing you.
  3. Get an assistant and stick the index cards on the back of each participants.
  4. One this is done, have the participants circulate in the room to mingle and ask each other questions.
  5. The objective of the game is to find out which city you are located (according to the index cards).
  6. However, participants can only ask close-ended questions, those that can only be answered with either a YES or NO to identify the clues that will help them find out the city on their index card.
  7. Participants can only ask each person one question and then they have to move on, mingle and ask a different person another one question.
  8. After circulating for about 5 minutes, stop the game and have each participants guess the city they are located.

Debrief |

  1. How many questions did they need to ask before arriving at their answers? Find out who ask the least questions and congratulate them.
  2. Selectively ask participants how the derive their final answer, does not matter if they got it right or wrong.
  3. How difficult or easy was it to work with only close-ended questions?
  4. What can they take away from this experience that can be applied to real life situations?
Instead of cities, you can also vary the category depending on your audience. Some ideas here:
  • Celebrities
  • Movie titles
  • Participants name within the group
  • Fruits and vegetables

If there are any parts of this game you want to clarify, leave me a comment.


Game – You are Nuts

About | This is a simple ice breaker that gets the teams working together for some fun and laughter.

Goal | Break the ice, ease tensions and have a good laugh

Emphasis | Ice Breaker, Fun

Items | A packet of groundnuts (peanuts in shells) for each team

Size | At least 2 teams of 3 participants each

Setting | Meeting Room

Time | 20 minutes

Instructions |

  1. Divide the participants into teams of 3 to 5 people.
  2. Ask each team to choose their leader and give the teams a packet of groundnuts each.
  3. The game is simple. Each team has to decorate their leader with the groundnuts.
  4. How? By splitting the groundnut slightly at its top tip and allow it to pinch back on any parts of the leader’s face!
  5. The objective is to decorate and hang as many groundnuts as possible on their leader’s face – try the ears, mustache, lips, hair and any skin folds.
  6. Parade the leaders up front for comparison and laughter. The team that has the most groundnuts clinging onto their leader’s face, wins.

Debrief |

Not necessary, as long as everyone had a good laugh. Remember to take team photos as they post with their ‘mascot’ leader. This simple game should break down walls if any, and provide a good start to the team.

If there are any parts of this game you want to clarify, leave me a comment.

Game – Human Knot Puzzle

About | This activity requires coordinated physical movements between team members in order to solve a human chain entanglement.

Goal | Encourage team members to communicate and lead-follow to solve a problem together.

Emphasis | Energizer, Communication, Leadership

Items | None!

Size | At least 8, the more the merrier

Setting | Open Space

Time | 15 minutes

Instructions |

  1. Have the team stand around closely in a small tight circle.
  2. Ask everyone to lift up their right hand, then grab and hold-on to the right hand of any person across the circle.
  3. Next, lift up their left hand, grab and hold-on to the left hand of another person across the circle.
  4. Tell them not to choose the hands of the person next to them and not to grab both hands of a same person.
  5. Now that every hand is engaged, ask the team to untangle to form a circle, WITHOUT letting go of each others hands at any time.
  6. If the group is big, divide them into two or more teams with equal participants and have them compete to untangle at the fastest time.

Debrief |

  1. Did all the people who made suggestions get listened to?
  2. Was there a leader and did others listen and follow?
  3. How did you hinder one another?
  4. How did you help one another?
  5. What can you learn from this exercise?

If there are any part of this instructions you want to clarify, leave me a comment.