You will find various games added as blog posts on this site. Click on Games under Site Contents and you will have the games lined up for your pickings. If you have a specific game theme in mind, look at the Index Cloud and select accordingly.

There is a Game for each Setting…

I have categorized teambulding games into three different settings. Depending your needs, you can find a game that fits your space, time, and budget.

  1. Meeting Room – You don’t have to go anywhere to run the these games. Just a room large enough to accommodate your participants comfortably. Every game here takes just about 15 minutes to conduct and discuss. The games need only a few materials or, even none at all.
  2. Open Space – When there is more time (30 minutes or more), you may want your participants to enjoy some some fresh air for a change. Head outside, look for a field, parking lot or any open space you can find. The games here involve more physical exertions, some will start to break a sweat.
  3. Go Outdoors – Some games are better enjoyed in the great outdoors, faraway from the usual’s. You can introduce some of these games into your outings where participants can dress the part for more vigorous and fun activities.

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