Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. I created these pages because I love teambuilding games and there is nothing better to share them.

Since young I have had many opportunities to lead telematches and teambuilding games at various settings. It started with youth outings then church camps and later, actual organization teambuilding engagements.  Over the years I have tried and experimented with various telematches and teambuilding games to understand the mechanics from preparation to delivery.

I do not claim to be the creator of all the games listed and about to be listed on this site. However they are “original” in the sense that I tailor the teambuilding games to the audience, context and setting requirements. This is something you should work on too, each and every time. Adopt a teambuilding game, but more importantly adapt it to your requirements on hand.

Feel free to adopt and adapt the various teambuilding games and guide on this site. Use them, anytime and anywhere. All I ask in return is your valuable feedback. Share with us your experiences with the games and resources here so that others (especially me) can learn from them as well.

Thank you, and have some serious fun!



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