Game – You are Nuts

About | This is a simple ice breaker that gets the teams working together for some fun and laughter.

Goal | Break the ice, ease tensions and have a good laugh

Emphasis | Ice Breaker, Fun

Items | A packet of groundnuts (peanuts in shells) for each team

Size | At least 2 teams of 3 participants each

Setting | Meeting Room

Time | 20 minutes

Instructions |

  1. Divide the participants into teams of 3 to 5 people.
  2. Ask each team to choose their leader and give the teams a packet of groundnuts each.
  3. The game is simple. Each team has to decorate their leader with the groundnuts.
  4. How? By splitting the groundnut slightly at its top tip and allow it to pinch back on any parts of the leader’s face!
  5. The objective is to decorate and hang as many groundnuts as possible on their leader’s face – try the ears, mustache, lips, hair and any skin folds.
  6. Parade the leaders up front for comparison and laughter. The team that has the most groundnuts clinging onto their leader’s face, wins.

Debrief |

Not necessary, as long as everyone had a good laugh. Remember to take team photos as they post with their ‘mascot’ leader. This simple game should break down walls if any, and provide a good start to the team.

If there are any parts of this game you want to clarify, leave me a comment.


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